Twitter Marketing


 Twitter Marketing:


While some of you may already be familiar with marketing your products and services on Twitter, and how to go about doing so, there are still tens of millions of people that could benefit from using Twitter to grow their business.  So, let’s start at the beginning for the un-initiated by bringing things in perspective with the following stats:


Benefits of Twitter MarketingTwitter Launch Year: 2006

Benefits of Twitter MarketingRecord Tweets per Second:  6,939. That’s right…it is 6,939 PER SECOND!

Benefits of Twitter MarketingIn 2007 the average was 5,000 tweets per day.

Benefits of Twitter MarketingIn 2008 that had grown to 300,000 tweets per day.

Benefits of Twitter MarketingIn 2009 tweets per day averaged 2.5 million.

Benefits of Twitter MarketingIn 2010 that number was 35 million tweets per day.

Benefits of Twitter MarketingIn March 2011 that number was 140 million tweets PER DAY!

Benefits of Twitter MarketingIn June 2011 that number grew to 200 MILLION TWEETS PER DAY!


Just stop for a minute and think about this, if twitter is averaging approximately 240 million tweets per day by now, that means 10 million tweets an hour from people of all backgrounds.


I could go on and on about different stats with regards to twitter but the simple point is that Social Media is MASSIVE,and Twitter is one of the biggest players in it’s field. 





What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing is simply the process of marketing one’s products and services on Twitter. As simple as it sounds, there are several variables to consider before jumping in. Nonetheless, this is the new and improved way of marketing.


Benefits of Marketing on Twitter:

It is one of the best ways to connect directly with your target audience.

 You can monitor your brand’s ‘reputation’ online.

 You can monitor your competition.

 You can test different offers.

 You can cut down advertising costs.

 You can build Brand Awareness.

 You can gain your prospects’ trust, etc.

At the same time, I have to say that to be able to tap into Twitter and utilize its full potential; it can take a good amount of time and knowledge.


 Who can benefit from Marketing on Twitter? 

All businesses can benefit from marketing on Twitter. The lifeblood of any ‘for profit’ corporation is customers. A company can wait for their next customer to come to them or be proactive and start engaging their prospects and customers online (esp. websites like Twitter and FaceBook). Also, since most companies are not yet strategically marketing on Twitter, now is the time to get started and gain an advantage that could last for a very long time (even years to come).


   Important Pointers / Some Things to Keep in Mind about Twitter:   

Benefits of Twitter Marketing  Stick to Twitter’s Terms of Service:  Twitter bans accounts that do not comply with their Terms of Service. This means that you could have spent months building your follower base on Twitter, and one fine day your account could be banned and all your hard work gone. This could happen, if one does not know how to play this game and goes about it the wrong way.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing There is a learning curve: There are many ways to market on Twitter but it takes time and knowledge to be successful at this (just like anything else). If you are already very busy with simply running your business then this may not be the best option for you. In this case, your best option is to find a good online marketing agency and outsource. This would not only save your precious time, but could also lead to a massive growth of your business in the long term.


Benefits of Twitter Marketing  Twitter is here to stay:  By this I mean, that Twitter is not going away just because some people find it confusing. In fact, as I pointed out earlier in this article, Twitter is only getting bigger in it’s reach which simply means that you should take advantage of it as soon as possible or be left out. The other side is that your competition might be the one gaining this important advantage that might pay them huge rewards for years to come.


As you can see, though few have heard of it and fewer are using it strategically, Twitter Marketing has the power to take your business to the next level.

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